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Parsing TeamCity log output. Analyse, find reasons for unique or systematic problems
What is great in TeamCity is how it logs things. You can have it write down every bit of information in the way, that allows you to understand the build process and problems with it read all...
Copy or move Hudson instance to another server. Add slave node to new instance
We have this build Hudson CI, which is always busy. It has old hardware, located in the subnetwork with lots of limitations and thus is always a bottleneck during our builds. We need to relocate... read all...
Developing TeamCity plugins with groovy and spring. Explained, step-by-step example
Recently, I refactored one TeamCity plugin, called groovyPlug. Here is what I learned about developing with Groovy for TeamCity. read all...
Choosing continuous integration (CI) tool. Comparison : CruiseControl, Hudson, Continuum vs. TeamCity
Comparing CI tools: TeamCity vs. the pure Open Source CI. You choosing your CI Tool, what are advantages and drawbacks of commercial CI in comparison with Hudson or Cruise Control? read all...