“Corrupt digital right management (DRM)” problem. Code C00D10B5

By neokrates, written on May 4, 2008


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You try everything but windows media player just doesn’t want to play the DRM-protected media. It is the same if you run in browser or standalone.

You find out, what _Media Player actually says, by clicking on

(Win XP English) "Current Playlist" -> "You list entry" -> "Properties" -> "Digital Rights" -> " "There no Digital Rights available for this media"
(Win XP German) "Aktuelle Wiedregabe" -> "You list entry" -> "Eigenschften" -> "Mediennutzungsrechte" -> " "Für die Datei sind keine Mediennuntzungsrechte verfügbar."

Why is it a problem?

Many on-line stores and video on demand (VOD) services do supply or sell the digital media. It is quite possible, that if you are getting this error message you wouldn’t be able to play or use DRM-protected content (but will be able to pay for it).

What was the last thing you have done, just before this problem emerged?

There are many reasons which might cause the corruption of Windows DRM system:

  • You tuned the Internet connection. Maybe installed the second one;
  • You are now behind the firewall. It may be the windows firewall, custom local firewall or of you firm;
  • You did upgraded you windows, installed service pack or new Windows Media Player Version;
  • You installed important fix per automatic windows update.

On the other hand, you might have just installed new windows and DRM does not work to begin with.

What this problem is about?

DRM is there to define the set of the rules on every single media, thus enabling the shops to sell or lend the media under specified conditions.

If Media Player sees that DRM is needed for the file, but is not there, you can’t play it.

Each media file under DRM must come with such rights. They are provided by the server or service, which supplied you with the media on the first place.

If you system can’t reach or otherwise read the referred DRM file, it may spawn the problem you face.

Possible solutions

Try the options here, if nothing helps and you consider using DRM’s often, contact Microsoft or reinstall the Windows.


DRM System might be for some reason corrupt. Fix or avoid this problem

  • Go to control panel;
  • Create new user;
  • Give him admin privileges;
  • Login as this new user;
  • Try to access the media once more.


Does Windows Media Player suggest an update?

If player invites you to install an update, do so. It often solves the problem.


Can Internet explorer set cookies, does it has enough rights for Media Player to get to DRM Info?

  • Go to Internet options->security->Internet and allow maximum rights;
  • Allow IE Cookies;
  • If the problem remains, don’t forget to restore the security settings, but cookies should remain enabled.


Can windows media player access the Internet?

  • On the Tools menu, click Options.
  • On the Player tab, under Player settings, check the Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands) check box. (In German Verbinden mit dem Internet (setzt andere Befehle auser kraft))
  • Try to restart the player and play the content.


Is there a Proxy in-between?

  • Click the right bottom icon in the system tray. First sub-panel is the firewall. If it is enabled, disable it;
  • If you have other firewall, shut it off(you can reactivate it later, after you know if that was a problem);
  • If you go through other host, learn if it has something like firewall.


Security updates are missing?

  • Go to the windows updates In IE it is Extra->windows Update
You can also go through the Control Panel
  • See that all suggested updates, but particularly the security or DRM related are installed.

What if nothing here helps?

👉 If nothing helps, there is a chance that reinstalling your system will save you a lot of trouble. Other way to go, particularly if you are not a professional, is to call the Microsoft support.

More links:
MS Support Article: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;838101
Fixing DRM: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/knowledgecenter/mediaadvice/0048.mspx
Related FAQ’s: http://www.zachd.com/pss/pss.html#offline

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