Linux package manager has only older version of package. Getting the newest package?

By neokrates, written on March 23, 2010


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Recently, I had this problem. I need the SVN 1.6.5 but my Ubuntu Synaptic knows only the 1.5.5 apt-get tells me the same story. There is no simple way to get this package in exactly this version. In my case, upgrading Ubuntu itself solved the problem

In this howto it is shown how to get newer package by upgrading your linux distro. Other ways, like adding new package source for the current Linux version, are not explained.

Works for:

  • Ubuntu Linux with gnome

Should also work for:

  • Ubuntu distros
  • Other Linux distros


Is your package in new distro?

Make sure, your package is found in newer distribution in correct version. Check the supported package list for the newer linux distro. Does it contain what your need?


Update your ubuntu

Go to Administration>Upgrade Manager and go through with upgrade.

Warning: Before upgrade, make backups of any data. Better, make full system backup. Avoid data loss. Also, be warned, that system can get some new problems after upgrade. Not severe and usually fixable, but still, there are some.


Get the package

Use apt-get install $YOUR_APP or manager like Synaptic to get the package your need

Alternative to updating your linux

You can also find out the repo location for newer release and add it to existing package manager without full ubuntu upgrade.

About this problem:

Distributions normally support the "version range" of some package packages.
All versions before and after this range have no automatic support or may even cause problems and conflicts with system libraries. That is why sometimes general update makes sense.

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